Twitch Stream Showcase: jenkiies

Gaming and content creation skills sometimes take years to develop, but sometimes, like in the case of jenkiies Twitch stream, they go through the same process much faster. This channel is run by a 27-year-old horror movie buff who started gaming on a PC in May 2018 or less than a year ago. His stream was created in October 2018 and it is currently based on Apex Legends.

Yet, in spite of the fact that jenkiies is new to both PC gaming and streaming, his content is miles ahead of what most would expect. As a content creator, he looks calm and focused, clearly deeply engaged in the gameplay sessions. At the same time, he talks to his team members in a natural and unburdened manner, showing that in spite of that focus, he is relaxed and even chill in his interactions. With over 500 followers, it is clear that people are reacting well to his approach.

If you’re one of the fans of this cool battle royale game, you should definitely check out the jenkiies Twitch channel!