Twitch Stream Showcase: IvanaHitabong

IvanaHitabong Twitch stream comes as something very lighthearted, laid-back and fun when you first give it a try. The streamer behind it is relatively new to the scene and someone who comes from a background in EDM, more precisely trance tune-making that goes back over a decade. However, behind the fun clips and streams of Dead by Daylight and World of Warcraft, there is a more somber story - this content creator is battling his bipolar disorder and the toll this mental disorder takes on anyone's everyday experiences.

Yet, in spite of this, he is determined to create a community of gamers who might be socially awkward or dealing with some other issues. Here, you can see that IvanaHitabong is trying to create an inclusive environment for anyone who needs the same kind of space in their life. This is the reason why the channel has its Discord server and the mission of using most of the tips and subscriptions money to fund things that will be returned to the same community.

All of this shows that besides cool gaming content, IvanaHitabong has an open heart. This is vital - even crucial - to any growing community. Check out the IvanaHitabong Twitch channel, but be warned - this streamer tends to twerk when hyped up!