Twitch Stream Showcase: GPrizzy

If you check out GPrizzy Twitch stream only for a second, you might think it belongs to just another LoL-focused gaming content creator. However, the truth is that behind this relatively new stream lies a lot of different life experiences, all coming from the same person. The channel is run by a Filipino-born Alaskan who is currently in college and studying for a degree in Accounting. Only these very basic facts show how many influences are all wrapped around GPrizzy. The same reflects on the content he makes as well. Initially, he was into vlogging and he now moved onto game streaming. Here’s one clip from his new YouTube channel that covers the same transition:

It is clear that his vlogging days helped him in the same shift. The skills he picked up there, as well as a sense of ease when in front of a camera are more than evident. In other words, these advantages are present in his style of gaming and streaming, which is very laid back and mellow. Through it, anyone can really relax and enjoy his content, just like over 300 followers are doing already.

When it comes to the games, his main content comes from League of Legends. However, you can also find streams of him playing Jump Force and interacting with fans in chatting streams. There will be much more to come. When it comes to channel growth, GPrizzy is practical and open to the possibility of his Twitch becoming more than a hobby. This is why he works diligently on building his community, which has a Discord server, as well as his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Away from the camera, he’s into sports and anime as well, so you can find recommendations his channel, suggesting things like My Hero Academia, Blend S, Silent Voice, and Assassination Classroom.

It is plain to see that this content creator is going places. If you like LoL, anime and cool streamers, follow the growing GPrizzyTwitch channel and watch some great gaming content!