Twitch Stream Showcase: fullgrit

You can see that fullgrit Twitch stream offers a strong gaming experience right off the bat. The channel is run by a gaming content creator in his late 20s, but don’t let that fool you - he has a lifetime of experience under his belt. In fact, the same actual belt previously belonged to the British Army where he served from age 16 until he was 25. After leaving the army, he entered the business domain and he is now a company owner in the UK. Clearly, fullgrit has not chosen his Twitch name by accident and you can easily see that his content is all about intensity (even though he seems like a very mellow person). At the same time, all of it happens in a very organized environment.

The channel is currently 27 followers shy from the 5,000 mark, which is by no means a small accomplishment. The same is true for the content on the channel, which is five videos short of reaching three digits. This shows how much time and effort fullgrit invested in the channel, as well as the videos and streams that can be found here.

When it comes to the actual games he plays, they are from the shooter and battle royale genres and include the two current top dogs - Fortnite and Apex Legends. At the same time, there is a whiff of Duke Nukem about the channel as well, including its creator (who’s an avid gym goer in real life as well). When it comes to being inspired by classic games, using the cigar-smoking Duke is at the top of the list, at least in my book.

Lastly, the high number of followers is no accident as fullgrit offers a really cool gaming community for everyone who digs this content. The channel, on one side, includes a well-defined set of rules for the chat and general behavior while on the stream. On the other hand, fullgrit provides many advantages to his subscribers, including shout-outs, direct play sessions with him, tips on growing their own channels (which is really useful for any newcomers) and chat icons, among other things.

If you like battle royale gaming on a grand scale, follow this creator on his Facebook profile and of course, check out the fullgrit Twitch channel right now!