Twitch Stream Showcase: FlREFlST

The thing I really like about FireFist Twitch stream is the natural vibe it has. While streaming, the man behind the stream plays and allows his thoughts to emerge freely. This is why you can hear him losing his shot glass or failing to find his cigar lighter - this alone should give you some idea what you can expect from the streamer. 

All of this makes FireFist someone who seems very punk-rock and definitely not-PG-13 in his approach to all of this - I find that very refreshing. In the age where so many people are chasing subs and follow for everyone (no matter their age, interest or any other disposition) being someone who is adult-oriented and cool with the way he does his content is a great decision.

FireFist is geared mainly towards FPS and shooter games, which means Star Wars Battlefront II, Battlefield V, Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Titanfall 2. Recently, though, his key focus has been the super-popular (and many would say, super-good) battle royale title Apex Legends. In the game, FireFist is determined to develop his skill as Caustic main. In many of the previous streams, you can see that he’s well on his way. 

Aside from that, he is determined to find a means to be unique in all of the videos. Because of that, in many shooter games, FireFist prefers using shotguns. For most FPS players, including those engaged in Apex Legends, the shotgun is rarely a weapon of choice, so this alone will be interesting to many fans of the genre.

Currently, the niche appeal of this Twitch stream is clear - it has over 1,300 followers and the number is growing steadily. To support it, FireFist is doing everything right. He has his Twitter and Instagram accounts to help the fans stay in touch and follow any developments about his content. Besides Twitch, he also runs a YouTube gaming channel as well (which is always a smart move).

If you like your gaming to be geared towards adults who know what they want and like, you should head to FireFist Twitch channel right now and start following this content creator immediately!