Twitch Stream Showcase: Blizzmeeks

After you give Blizzmeeks Twitch stream a few minutes of your time, I’m betting you’ll probably have the same thought as I had: this is not your run-of-the-mill gaming content creator. This channel is run by a person living and creating content in Okinawa, Japan, but all of the videos and streams are in English. The gaming preferences revolve mainly around digital card games like Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu!/Eevee! and Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. However, here’s what this content creator says about that:

“And while you may not consider League Of Legends or Town Of Salem to be a digital card game, I ask that you have an open mind. Because with enough positive reinforcement, you can come to believe incorrect things too.”

This is really interesting to me because this funny and quirky quote showcases somewhat of a writer’s mindset (at least how I see it) lurking within Blizzmeeks channel. The same goes for the overall style and presentation of his streams - he likes smooth jazz and drinking tea, which is a universe away from the “Dubstep and Monster energy drinks” feel you find on so many contemporary gaming spots. In fact, all about Blizzmeeks personality seems tranquil and calm, which is also a welcomed change of pace compared to most other channels, including those about card games.

Right now, the channel is running several series, including the Town Of Salem Gameplay which is, like the official Discord server, focused on the community around Blizzmeeks. Here, the content creator plays with his viewers and give anyone a chance to get to know him better. This is an awesome option and if you’re into some of the mentioned games, you should get into a duel or two with Blizzmeeks. There are even more series that are in the works.

Like I said, this content creator is not someone you find every day and I say that in the best possible way. It offers something of a refuge for gamers who are not into loud and flashy stuff, but something with more substance. As the channel's catchphrase itself says - It's cold outside, stay indoors and watch more Blizzmeeks! I would add to that - even if the weather is fine, still subscribe to the cool content creator at Blizzmeeks Twitch channel.