Twitch Stream Showcase: Bleedingsnail

The Bleedingsnail Twitch stream is run by a content creator who provides a very streamlined and focused gaming experience. Currently, the channel offers videos featuring two games, League of Legends and Dungeons & Dragons. But, watching just one or the other shows an insane abundance of knowledge and experience inside of these titles. This is, in particular, true for  Bleedingsnail’s League of Legends content. When you watch any of the LoL streams, you can see why this game is one of the dominant esports titles in the world - Bleedingsnail offers a sportscaster level of informedness on the same field. Here, you can learn statistics, LoL team backgrounds and so much more while you watch the same game (and gamer) in action as well.

However, there’s another aspect of the channel that is best seen in the Dungeons & Dragons streams - a sense of community and friendship. These streams include four participants and the way they interact while playing is one of those priceless gaming moments you just can’t (and shouldn’t try) to fake. In many ways, this reminded me of my own D&D gaming sessions almost 20 years ago when goofing around and playing seriously melted into the same awesome experience. The same community is not only focused on friends who already know each other but as the channel's official Discord server shows, anyone who wants to join in. Once there, people can find giveaways for subscribers, leagues, movie nights and community 5vs5 events.

If you like any of the mentioned games, but also enjoy playing and hanging out with great people, the Bleedingsnail Twitch channel should get you as a subscriber or follower right now!