Temporary Free on Android: Grow Spaceship VIP - Galaxy Battle

This game might look like your average top-down retro arcade shooter/bullet hell, but it’s actually an interesting merger of two genres. It combines a shooter mechanic, like the one so popular in the 1990s, with an idle game. Basically, you build up your ship and develop it by adding new parts and this makes the craft more effective in combat.

The cool thing is that the players upgrade their mothership, which includes on-board guns, turrets, and missiles, but they can also produce stand-alone interceptors. These and other smaller craft units that fight on the player’s side are a great addition and for me personally, they give it a bit of that Homeworld feel. Another plus is the fact that the game is made for offline mode, so you won’t need any internet connection to play it. This is also made possible by the fact that it is a premium app.

The app is normally selling for $0.99 but it is now free and its promo period ends in seven days. This means you have until March 9 to get this cool genre mixture of a game and get to building your own space vessel of destruction. Get Grow Spaceship VIP - Galaxy Battle right here on Google Play!