Reddit’s Best Free Android Games of 2018

Reddit calls itself the front page of the Internet. The strange thing is this label is not as crazy as it sounds. With millions of users on thousands and thousands of boards, it is more than relevant. This is why any list of the best free Android games on Reddit is a valuable resource.

A List made by Redditors

The list of games is important because it was compiled through direct votes of the users. Therefore, the actual gamers and redditors sent their votes. More precisely, the redditors from /r/AndroidGaming voted and this board has over 1.6 million members. This means that no development studio or company had a chance to buy its spot on the same selection.

Top Three Free Games

The list of games is longer than the top three spots, but these titles are both top rated and free. That is to say, none of these games cost anything and can be tried out immediately. You can find the rest of the games on the list of best Android games of 2018, but for now, let us check out the cream of the crop.

3. Rumble Arena: Super Smash Legends

This game might sound like a cheap knock-off, but it is a true indie hit. In Rumble Arena: Super Smash Legends, the players take on other human opponents in this brawler game. The action takes place in a 2D environment and features simplified buy very clear graphics. The number of players is still relatively low, featuring only 10,000 installs. Still, redditors gave it the number three spot on the list.


PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS mobile version needs no introduction. This battle royale title made a big impression on Reddit and got the second place on the list of the best free Android game in 2018. It might be feeling the heat from Fortnite and Apex Legends, but it still a fantastic shooter gamer.

1. Vampire's Fall: Origins

On its Google Play page, this game proudly carries the title of the Game of the Year 2018 by /r/AndroidGaming on Reddit. As an RPG game, Vampire’s Fall: Origins was able to steal the attention of many fans of the genre. Turn-based combat, many items, weapons and armor as well as an open world as just some of its great features. For many, the resemblance to Diablo was a good factor as well. With half a million of players, it clearly deserves its title.

Strong Selection

Reddit users clearly made a strong selection when it comes to game diversity and quality. If you too want to experience the best of free Android games from Reddit, try out any of these right now!