Odd and Mysterious: Play Oddmar for free... a bit

One of the most visually impressive and talked-about platformers on Android has just switched its monetization method. It did it in a way that I'm not really a big fan of when it comes to mobile gaming - by adding a paywall.

Right now, anyone can try out this game for free on their Android device and play a couple of the first levels for free. However, at one point, the free levels end and the players have to buy the rest of the title using an in-game purchase.

Now, some would label this as a good way to try out the product and then simply not buy it if you don't like it. However, in this Viking adventure with 24 levels, you already have a really good idea what you're getting after just taking a look at the screenshots. Because of this, I think that the change in monetization is an attempt to boost engagement by pushing people who don't play games to try it out, being that it is (seemingly) free.

The acquisition numbers are likely falling so the developers Mobge decided to change the price and grab some headlines. Otherwise, the game would have started off with this monetization method. Also, the price for the in-game purchase of the rest of the levels is about $5, making the game a relatively expensive title.

All in all, this is not a type of move I like to see with any developers, but if you want to try Oddmar out, check it out here.