Indie Spotlight: Dizzy Samurai

Manasprite is a two-person indie team who just launched their first ever Android game - Dizzy Samurai. The title is a casual endless action game where the players need to spin around with their character (locked in the screen's center) and try to cut down as many enemies as possible.

The mechanic of the game is interesting and at the same time, the choke point of the experience. While playing, you can struggle to get your samurai spinning at the right pace while fine turns of just a few degrees don't work well. This is why the game would really use another gameplay mechanic, like doing multiple turns (katana whirlwind, for example) that become available through a combo meter (after X combos, you get this ability). Something like that would allow the players to have a special move to help them out in tough spots.

Otherwise, the game is a solid first release from an indie team. It features modest but clean and readable graphics and it's UI elements also got some attention (which many teams fail to do).

If you want to try it out, get Dizzy Samurai on Google Play right now!