Hot on Android: Linn: Path of Orchards

When I check out Linn: Path of Orchards, especially its gameplay and visual style, two things come to mind. First is Monument Valley and the second one is Prune. That’s a pretty good reference for any game in the world and this title by Crescent Moon Games seems like it will live up to those references.

This environmental puzzle looks gorgeous and the trailer (I haven’t tried it) offers some unique twists on the know mobile gameplay mechanics. Storywise, in the game, players take control of Aban, a guardian of nature who takes off on a journey to the sky temple, lost in the… well, you guessed it, sky. 

The beautiful graphics have been merged with a simple approach to UI and commands, which mainly include swipe, so the game will be open to casual players as well. So far, the game has a low number of excellent reviews, but over 10,000 downloads, so I’m betting it’s a rising hit. If you like smart and beautiful Android gaming, check out Linn: Path of Orchards on Google Play