First Look: Breakout: The Dark Prison

On paper and in many ways, Breakout: The Dark Prison by Latersoft has many hallmarks of a sleeper mobile hit. This title is still in the final phases of its development but at this point, things are looking solid. Like many great games on the mobile platform, it works inside of its genre, which is an action survival RPG. However, it also applies some unique twists and turns that currently seem like something that could really fall into place with spectacular results.

The Setup

The main setup of the game includes a future where a virus created zombies out of the big chunk of the human population. Those who did survive with their homo sapiens DNA have to fight to stay alive. Now, this might not be the most inventive setting, but the game covers all aspects of it - it will offer single-player missions, co-op play, and PvP. The single-player tasks and missions will include bosses as well as waves of enemies, so combat shouldn't get boring very fast.

Genre-Bending Approach

The thing I find really promising about the game is its willingness to merge something that is still sharply divided on mobile devices - plenty of action and an RPG system. Yes, we have great mobile action games and we have a lot of complex role-playing games. However, the combo of these two has been somewhat elusive for many developers. Now, Latersoft seems ready to try their hand at it and we’re all ready for them to succeed. Breakout: The Dark Prison will come with action moves like dodging attacks, along with an experience system worthy of an old-school RPG game.

Weapons and More Weapons

The game will feature a truckload of weapons of all imaginable types, from bats to automatic rifles. All weapons will be fully customizable but more importantly, they will have an impact on the player’s performance and individual stats. This is a feature of the core RPG games and it's really cool to see it in a mobile title.

Hard-Hitting Visuals

Breakout: The Dark Prison has already showcased its graphics and it looks impressive. The development studio chose to have really high-end visuals and animations, even if it means stopping players with older devices from enjoying the game. This is always a harsh decision for a game dev team, but hopefully, they know what they’re doing.

Imaginative, complex and daring, Breakout: The Dark Prison should hit the market in the summer of 2019. You can follow its development on the game's Facebook fan page and we should all hope that the game ends up as good as it seems now.