Android Gaming News Flash: RuneScape 3 Enters is Closed Beta

18 years since the game hit the PC market, one of the most famous MMORPG games is finishing its transition to Android. Naturally, many fans were thrilled to hear this, as well as those who love serious RPG gaming on their mobile devices. Now, RuneScape 3 has its Google Play page. It is up and working, but the game is only available for members. Everyone else will have to wait for the free version of the app. 

Mobile Version of RuneScape 3

The mobile version of the game comes with some improvements. Firstly, it includes updated graphics and slightly more focused gameplay mechanics. Being that it’s not a desktop game, it also includes mobile touch controls. However, the first playthroughs of the game show that the commands, which include taps, swipes, and their combination, allow for almost anything seen in the desktop version. The reviews are so far also very good, with players commenting - basically - that this is the game they know and love.

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely not a paying member. That is why you can only check out the game on Google Play and wait for its full and free release.