Android Gaming News Flash: Cartoon Network Arcade is out on March 11

Many from my generation (mid-to-late 80s) grew up with the Cartoon Network channel when we were nearing our teen years. However, in spite of this, many (me included) were thrilled by the selection of cartoons the satellite channel featured back then (Fantastic Four anyone?). Since those times, things have changed, but not necessarily for the worse.

The new generation of cartoon show makers changed the direction drastically since the early 1990s but some of the shows are still enjoyable even for an old dude like me (Gumball, anyone?). That’s why I’ll definitely check out Cartoon Network Arcade, a new game from the same company.

It will feature many of the cartoons from this network's catalogue, including Ben 10, Teen Titans Go, and of course The Amazing World of Gumball. The genres of the games will differ and will include things like the endless runner setup (no surprise there) but I’m guessing many other casual, one-command game mechanics. However, the main selling point will be the animations and the humor of the original series.

The collection will launch on March 11 on Android so if you’re one of the Cartoon Network fans, either young or old, check out the official website and mark this date!