Twitch Stream Showcase: thecheekynietzsche

It might not be the easiest thing to read, but thecheekynietzsche is the name of a Twitch channel that should get your attention if you're a particular type of person. I’m not an expert on this stream, but I can show you a test that measures if you should check it out. It’s basically two questions:

1. Do you know who Nietzsche was?
2. Do you enjoy Rick and Morty?

If the answer to both questions is yes, then thecheekynietzsche is the man for you! This 21-year-old is from Victoria, Australia, where he is a university student. More precisely, he’s working on a Bachelor of Politics Philosophy and Economics with a major in Economics. I’m betting you’re not following too many streamers with the same academic background. Aside from being deep in studies, he is also an avid gamer that’s relatively new to the streaming market. 

His current gaming library on the service includes My Hero One's Justice and Overwatch, but I know it is going to grow (you'll see why). I say this because thecheekynietzsche is working actively on expanding his community. The initial goal of 50 followers was hit in 50 percent less time than expected and now he is onto the new goal - 150 followers and 10 subs. The community around the channel also has a Discord server, while is also a nice touch.

Finally, thecheekynietzsche has another ace up his streaming sleeve - on February 12, 2019, his channel will begin to push out content for the Jump Force by Bandai Namco. This will be right around the game’s full release and thecheekynietzsche is aiming to become one of the most prominent streamers of the same title. I, for one, believe he has the chops for this, but we’ll see as mid-February hits.
If you’re in the category I mentioned earlier, you should start following the channel on its Twitter and Instagram accounts. But, also don’t forget to check out thecheekynietzsche at his home on Twitch!