Twitch Stream Showcase: Xxnotorious

The thing that went through my mind when I first saw xxnotorious Twitch stream was this - I somehow know this guy. Consciously, I know that I have never seen or met this 23-year-old from Arizona, but his streaming style, which is outgoing and laid back to the max is something that instantly connects with the viewers. This streamer has been creating gaming content for almost two years and has plenty of things to show for it - he owns and operates not just his Twitch channel, but also has a YouTube presence

He's into battle royale titles like Super Animal Royale and Fortnite while he also covers games like Outlast and Call of Duty: WWII. When gaming, he regularly engages his 600-strong Twitch community through chat where they even have a name for themselves - the NOTO gang. Besides streaming games, xxnotorious is also a hard worker, so besides a day job, he also runs his Hat shop and a Merch store, both of which have been created to help him attain his dream of becoming a full-time streamer.

If you want to check out his content and help this really cool streamer grow, check out the xxnotorious Twitch channel right here and follow him on Twitter and Instagram!