Twitch Stream Showcase: WhiteRiceTimeTV

The creators of the WhiteRiceTimeTV Twitch stream have a clear purpose when it comes to their gaming content - Asian-themed games is the main focus of their channel. Not only that, but they also want their streams to have that recognizable quirky feel of the Japanese game shows. I have to say that this is an interesting idea for anyone making content on Twitch.

The TV game shows of Japan are literally a part of the world’s pop-culture heritage of the 20th century (even though they are still going strong) and the notion of combining it with the Asian video game market is a smart move. Unsurprisingly, WhiteRiceTimeTV has already over 2,600 followers who watch their streams and videos from games like Sleeping Dogs, Siren, Yakuza Kiwami, Samurai Warriors 4 and A Boy and His Blob, while there's a bit of Fortnite in the mix as well. Also, the channel offers plenty of perks and advantages to those fans who chose to become their subscribers. All of this will become even more interesting when the channel launches its special debut video, so keep an eye out for that.

If the notion of Japan game shows and some of the best games of the Far East seem interesting to you, then you have to check out WhiteRiceTimeTV Twitch channel!