Twitch Stream Showcase: Wasloaf

The Wasloaf Twitch stream is all about a relatively small gaming niche that has, nonetheless, made a huge mark on the game development industry - these are the immersive RPGs that offer an incredibly rich but very challenging worlds. Among these, Dark Souls series is probably the best-known title, but there are many others and Wasloaf explores a few of those on his channel. Wasloaf started gaming when he was a kid and he grew up into a person who loves music, art and - interestingly enough - trolling. 

Right now, like his Twitch stream, Wasloaf is mainly into action RPGs and these include Monster Hunter World, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate and God Eater 3. However, his chill approach to streaming allows him to occasionally, but easily branch out into other games as well.

If you dig these games, check out Wasloaf's Twitter account, join his Discord server and don’t forget to follow the Wasloaf Twitch channel!