Twitch Stream Showcase: TheDopeVulcan

As a lifelong Trekkie, I just can’t ignore anyone who has any kind of a connecting to one of the greatest science fiction universe in the world. Hey, it might sound corny, but in my book, whoever is into Star Trek has to be in one way or another an okay person (at least). That is why TheDopeVulcan is my kind of Twitch channel. This stream belongs to a very mellow (but still focused) 22-year-old who has been into PC gaming for seven years and spent most of that time streaming and doing gaming content creation including a YouTube channel. He jumped in seriously into the Twitch waters in 2018 and since then he has grown at a spectacular rate.

Currently, his community includes over a thousand followers and a really developed structure that supports them. TheDopeVulcan offers a range of perks for his subscribers, including sub chat badge, emoticons, special private channels on his Discord server and even a bigger chance in his regular giveaways. There’s no doubt that many gaming fans responded well to the offer and this is why his community is bound to keep growing, maybe even faster than it did so far. To help with that process, he also runs his Facebook Fan Page, as well as Twitter and Instagram accounts.

However, aside from the strong community, TheDopeVulcan also features some versatile gaming content as its main attraction. A list of games he plays tells a lot. Right now, these include Subnautica, Anthem, Ring Of Elysium, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, Path of Exile, Marvel's Spider-Man, The Elder Scrolls Online and even a bit of Fortnite. As you can see, this gaming list can come only from someone who has really broad gaming tastes and this is always a positive factor for anyone who wants to create gaming content of any kind.

If you want to enjoy some versatile and fun gaming, follow or even subscribe to TheDopeVulcan Twitch stream right now!