Twitch Stream Showcase: superTrunksman

The thing about superTrunksman Twitch stream is the fact that it is different. It is operated by an Army Veteran who is currently employed as a Tech Illustrator. He plays on his PS4 and mainly enjoys RPG games, FPS titles and - interesting enough - puzzle games, just as his YouTube channel shows. Right now, his Twitch channel is mainly focused on Realm Royale, but it is clear that superTrunksman has a much broader horizons when it comes to gaming. However, it is his approach to streaming that is most interesting to me.

On the first viewing, superTrunksman style of streaming might seem hermetic and somewhat distant. Plenty of time, he simply plays the game, focused and determined, without having the need to talk or explain constantly, like it might seem to be the norm on Twitch today. However, when you give the streams some time, you actually see a very mature and composed approach behind his videos. Instead of deliberately trying to goof around or push out an endless torrent of information, he is mentally completely in the game, playing with his friends. He is not closed to interactions, of course, which is why he does play with his followers and regularly talks about the game being played. But he does not do it all of the time.

There is something very honest about this approach and I’m sure that it will appeal to many viewers who are somewhat tired of the jacked-up, over-hyped style so many streamers use today. In contrast, superTrunksman seems to me like a Twitch streamer who would work in the early 2000s if such a technology existed back then. He is not about the shallow form, but about the quiet and calm essence of the game or a particular part of gameplay. For me personally, that’s really commendable.

Different and comfortable with his approach, superTrunksman goes against the regular grain of most gaming content creators. I’m all for that and I’m sure that many others will also find his style something that is more than approachable for them. If you’re one of them, follow him on Twitter and check out the superTrunksman Twitch stream right now!