Twitch Stream Showcase: Quilliamx

Quilliamx is the name of a Twitch stream that belongs to a 19-year-old gamer who is into a range of titles but also determined to grow his presence on this streaming platform. Easy going and relaxed, he is already spread-out across all relevant social media, so besides Twitch, he also has a YouTube channel, as well as an active presence on Instagram and Twitter. Currently on Twitch, Quilliamx has streams of him playing Resident Evil 2 and Overwatch, which I really like. Streamers today, especially those like Quilliamx who are aiming for Twitch Partnership, are focused on funneling themselves into a single game or at least a single genre. Quilliamx, on the other hand, seems to be simply following his gaming instincts, playing both single-player titles and massive online multiplayer games like Overwatch. Besides these, you can also find this versatile streamer releasing FIFA 19 and Fortnite videos, so I’m betting there will be plenty more diverse gaming content to follow as well.

In real life, Quilliamx is in college and has a job, but in spite of his busy schedule, he is more than happy to interact with his followers and other gamers, which is an awesome advantage for any streamer. He has a Discord server set up for just this purpose and it, like his community, is bound to grow in numbers. If you want to follow Quilliamx check out his Twitch Stream right here and enjoy the fun and mellow content he will produce in the future.