Twitch Stream Showcase: MidknightTTV

The MidknightTTV Twitch stream is owned and run by Alex, a gamer who, like many of us, grew up with single-player games. He was mainly into Nintendo and the games in question include The Legend of Zelda, Mario franchise and Star Fox. In other words, Alex grew up with the best titles not just from his juggernaut development company, but also some of the best game series in general. However, at some point, Alex began moving into multiplayer games, primarily Halo and other shooter/FPS releases. Today, his channel is all about PvP and there you can see him playing games like Destiny 2, Overwatch, Apex Legends, but he also throws Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the mix (as they say, if you love Nintendo, you never really quit playing Nintendo games).

The really cool thing about MidknightTTV is the fact that Alex shares his gaming experience in a very straightforward and unburdened manner. You can see him howling with joy after an Apex Legends win and also hear him discuss Overwatch tactics and missteps he and his team had. At the same time, he’s not a stranger to cracking a joke or two and seems genuinely open to other people appearing on his channel. It is also important to mention that he runs a YouTube channel and a Twitter account so from a technical standpoint, his content is really tech-savvy, smoothly produced and very watchable.

If you too grew up with great single-player games and now you can’t get enough of multiplayer PvP titles, then you should start following MidknightTTV Twitch channel immediately.