Twitch Stream Showcase: daseuluna

If you love Disney's universe and all its enchanted characters, then you’re probably aware that Kingdom Hearts III came out recently. Twitch streamer daseuluna is very much among the same crowd. She is new to the platform and gaming  in general, but she went in with all of her heart (no pun intended). That is why, in spite of being new, she got the hang of it fast.

Firstly, she is focused on a just one game, which is a great first step for anyone who is new to this. Instead of expanding her gaming library immediately, she is playing what she knows and clearly loves. Secondly, the daseuluna channel already has a streaming schedule, which is a very smart move - she does her gaming content twice per week. The same decision shows that she is planning to explore the world of Kingdom Hearths III for a long time to come, possibly even branch out to other games as well. The first slot is on Monday starting at 6:30 and ending by 9:30 and the second one takes place on Thursday between 6:30 and 9:30. Of course, the fact that daseuluna is not new to social media also helps - you can see more of that on her Instagram account.

If you’re into Kingdom Hearts III, you have to check out daseuluna Twitch channel right now!