Twitch Stream Showcase: Cro_Pro_of_Slavic

Everyone who is a gamer understands that gaming experiences vary widely based on a huge number of factors. This is why I find any gaming content creation that runs with this fact very interesting and Cro_Pro_of_Slavic Twitch stream is one such place. This channel is run by a young gamer named Marko who is, besides games, into football and basketball (as his choice of games shows as well). His stream is relatively new and features a limited range of content, but still offers a glimpse into what could become a very popular destination - already, Marko got over 50 followers and is pushing for more at this very moment.

As I mentioned, the content on Cro_Pro_of_Slavic Twitch stream is diverse - Marko plays Resident Evil 4, and sports games like NBA 2K19 and FIFA 19 (in line with his real-life hobbies). He even uses checklists for the challenges that he overcomes, which is also a good way to keep track with his gaming progress. However, the stream also features a series of him playing This war of mine, which I find really interesting. The game, developed by 11 bit studios is a somber look at the lives of people who are caught in a war but are not actual combatants. The dark and challenging game might stand as a big contrast to something like Resident Evil, but for Marko, it is still a worthwhile experience. In this series, like in any other piece of content he creates, you can tell is a gamer to the bone.

When playing a title - any title - Marko really gives it his all. During his playthroughs of horror releases, you can see him getting worked up as he battles the undead enemies. At the same time, while he plays This war of mine, he is composed and focused, determined to present the full essence of this really serious game. This shows a person who is all-in when gaming no matter what the mood or the tone of that particular stream might be.

If you want to find out more about Marko’s gaming adventure, start following his Cro_Pro_of_Slavic Twitch channel right now!