Twitch Stream Showcase: Bigshakes

When we talk about streaming and general video game content creation, we often tend to see things as a result (or lack of) direct effort by the creators themselves. When someone vanishes from the scene, we tend to conclude that they simply got bored and have given up. However, the story behind the Bigshakes Twitch channel shows that this is not always the case. This streamer was really active just a year ago but he did not stop because of the previously stated reasons.

Instead, the same streamer had the misfortune to be diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, a type of arthritis-type autoimmune disease that affects sacroiliac (si) joint and spine. On top of that, he went through a brain surgery procedure to implant a DBS (Deep brain stimulation). This alone is a very hard thing to experience, especially when it comes on top of AS and its additional possible complication. Through all of this, he has not given up - the same period saw him become a dad! Now, along with his fiancé and young daughter, he is determined to get his life back and start over, including his Twitch channel.

Clearly, Bigshakes has plenty to offer as a content creator. Right now, you can see him play a diverse range of games, including Smite, Apex Legends, Path of Exile, Sea of Thieves, and Anthem. His resurgent channel has almost 2,800 followers and he will hold a giveaway once its hits 3k followers (another reason to follow him).

But, besides all of this, it is enough to watch Bigshakes for a little bit to see that, in spite of all that happened to him, he is optimistic and relaxed in his streams. His streaming style is chill but engaging, and no one could deny that its creator seems like a very down-to-earth and pleasant character. I personally think that we should have more people like that working in gaming content creation.

Life threw some hard balls at Bigshakes in the past year, but he is determined to push through, not just for his sake, but also for his loved ones. Check out and support his Bighakes Twitch stream and help him on his journey of recovery.