Twitch Stream Showcase: akinorilol

The man behind the akinorilol Twitch stream defines himself as a verity streamer and I have to say that this is right on the money. His channel features a range of games that is eclectic, to say the least. The titles that akinorilol plays include Dota 2, FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, Crowfall, Apex Legends, and World of Warcraft, but also games like MapleStory 2. This shows me that this US-based streamer really digs games in all their shapes and form, apart from being a Diamond League of Legends player. An additional plus is a fact that he is super-relaxed in his streams, where you can see him humming tunes along with explaining what is actually taking place in the game.

Yet, akinorilol holds a job in the real world and clearly wants to see his channel, which already has over 270 followers, to grow further. This is why he has a Discord server and maintains a regularly updated Twitter account. If you too love many different gaming genres, there’s no doubt that you should start following akinorilol Twitch channel right now!