Temporary Free on Android: Dead Rain

It might sound like Heavy Rain but it’s not - Dead Rain : New zombie virus is a side-scrolling zombie action game that seems like a really cool title. It was made by Tiny Devbox and features what looks like a premium platformer app perks - these include edgy cell shading graphics, dialogue-free narrative (which is never easy to pull off) and plenty of gameplay mechanics for both movement and combat (at least based on the game screenshots). Thanks to this Dead Rain : New zombie virus is a paid gaming app, even though its regular price is very affordable, or just $0,99. However, with over 100,000 downloads and an average score of 4.3 based on over 1,500 reviews, it clearly got a lot of people to give a buck for it and also most of them did not regret it.

Right now, the game is free for a temporary period, which started on February 15, and will last for seven days. Right now, this means that you still have a couple of days to snatch Dead Rain : New zombie virus so check out the app right now on Google Play!