Magic Rampage Review

I knew Magic Rampage was a different kind of a mobile game and something that is not your run-of-the-mill platformer when I saw that daggers/swords I throw at enemies can hit the ones they throw at me. When this happens, both daggers get deflected and neither scores damage points.

I mention this because attention to detail is important for any game firmly set in a genre. Magic Rampage is one such game and it presents a regular arcade/platformer title that was fused with RPG elements. In the game, you choose your hero and set off into a dungeon to kill all zombies and save all that you’re supposed to save (I didn’t really get into the lore that much).

However, apart from the look of any ol’ Android platformer, the game is actually a very developed and through-through product - its details are all highly polished. On the other hand, its commands, general design and small mechanics all work great and will be an instant hook for any fans of the genre. Even for players like myself, who are not exactly platformer-crazy, the game is more than successful as a release in this genre.


The cream of the crop when it comes to free platformer games. Download Magic Rampage right here!