Hot on Android: Resident Evil meets PUBG Mobile - Survive Till Dawn

Drawn like (undead) moths to a flame, many multiplayer shooter games just cannot resist a zombie mode. Unsurprisingly, PUBG Mobile is no exception and this otherwise slow game when it comes to mods has released its own take on a zombie infestation called Survive Till Dawn. The mod is the result of direct cooperation with the Capcom company and its Resident Evil 2 remake. This game appeared on the PC and consoles in January 2019 and now, the full cross-promo can begin.

In the Survive Till Dawn mod, the players will need to survive through the night against zombies, as well as bosses seen in Resident Evil 2. The update, which became available on February 19, will include a Resident Evil 2 theme for the game's menu, as well as changes in the Sanhok and Vikendi maps. 

There’s no info on how long will the Survive Till Dawn mod be available but it has clearly generated plenty of interest. If you haven’t got the PUBG Mobile app already, get it now and start shooting some undead beings right in the decomposing heads.