Twitch Stream Showcase: xThoLo

The thing about this xThoLo Twitch stream showcase is that it describes itself in the best possible way, but not in its Biography panel. Instead, it uses its Chat Rules section. There, right near the end of the list of rules, it simply states:

“Mandatory fun is to be had
We're just here to have some fun and take it easy.”

This simple statement is the best possible insight into the channel and xThoLo who runs it. This man is a gamer who approached streaming as a continuation of his big passion - for me, this is a smart move, mainly because most good things came about from personally being driven by them and not by chasing some external motivation. Currently, xThoLo, who is a US native currently living in the UK (judging by the Gunners merch that can be seen on his gaming chair, he’s feeling right at home there), is just stating his gaming content creation adventure. 

But, his focus, along with his really relaxed and friendly demeanor already made him plenty of Twitch friends and followers. As of now, his streams are all about Fortnight and a range of different modes and types of play this huge game provides to millions of its fans - also, his streaming schedule is on-the-fly basis, where followers can tune in whenever they’re notified he’s on.

Yet, the casual approach does not include a lack of a plan for growth and expansions when it comes to the future of xThoLo as a content creator. He is active on Twitter and is slowly branching out to Instagram and YouTube as a content creator. I’m interested in the xThoLo gaming YouTube channel because I feel he could quickly modify his approach to this medium as well, including some deep dives into Fortnite and the additional games he might (and should, if you ask me) be playing in the future.

But, before that future kick-off, check out the xThoLo Twitch channel right now if you’re fans of Fortnite and if you enjoy watching and participating in laid-back gaming where having fun is practically mandatory.