Twitch Stream Showcase: serionas

Serionas Twitch stream is made George, a gaming content creator that comes from the two-millennia-old city of Athens, Greece. George is a lifelong gamer who got his first taste of this amazing world when he was just seven and he became enthralled with Age of Empires. That brings me to a fun fact: I was 14 when AoE came out and it was my second-ever game on CD and the first real-time strategy that I played on my home computer (I don’t count WarCraft 2 I played at my friends house co-op on a single computer, keyboard, and mouse).

George might have started early his gaming adventure, but he is now really dedicated and serious about his Twitch channel. Here you can find him playing strategy games like Total War Arena, RPGs like Path of Exile and the excellent Darkest Dungeon. FPS games he covers include Rainbow Six Siege, Warhammer Vermintide 2 and Killing Floor 2. However, serious stream currently features mostly card trading games like The Elder Scrolls: Legends, Magic: The Gathering Arena, Eternal, Shadowverse and Gwent.

Aside from gaming George is into a whole range of activities like running, climbing, hanging out and engaging in local tournaments. His friendliness and openness to other people in the gaming community are easily seen on his Twitch home page right now where he’s offering many Steam discount coupons (they’re valid until January 24, so be fast if you want one. For more on this really cool lifelong gamer, check out serionas Twitch stream and see why you should start following George immediately!