Twitch Stream Showcase: PleiiN

I'm always impressed when I see streamers who are relatively new to the game content creation domain but have still entered it with focus and dedication. PleiiN Twitch Stream is a perfect example - with a channel that is over a year old, this German-speaking streamer is clearly determined to make a big boom in his gaming niche. With over 4k subscribers, as well as some really sharp and crisp channel art, his content is currently revolving primarily around CS:GO. Usually, he broadcasts long-form play sessions that will be a joy for anyone who is into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, even if they don't speak German.

At the same time, PleiiN has big plans - he's already on Twitter and he will soon expand his content to YouTube and Facebook and his gaming selection will also expand. In the upcoming period, he plans on going for H1Z1, World of Warcraft or even Minecraft. The versatility of the potential title selection shows that this streamer is only bound to expand his audience.

Driven and ambitious, PleiiN is a must-check-out for any German viewers and those who dig the previously mentioned games, so if you're one of them, check out his Twitch stream right now!