Twitch Stream Showcase: Neeekoneekoniii

The Neeekoneekoniii Twitch Stream is a very focused venture - it’s a channel featuring exclusively League of Legends gaming content. Furthermore and at the same time, the channel has an additional niche it is trying to fill: its owner is focused on playing with the champion Neeko. Thanks to all of this, it could be said that the gaming content is created with a very defined purpose - to explore and excel in playing with one champion in the LoL ecosystem.

This is a very noteworthy venture, mainly because today, it seems to me that most pro-players-turn streamers and gaming content creators are driven to find as big of an audience as possible. Neeekoneekoniii has a different approach and that is always commendable. Instead of sub-chasing, he is interested in delving deep into the realm of possibilities that come with Neeko. Naturally, he talks about the things he knows - a person should do nothing else aside from the fact that he reached rank 25 on Neeko, ranking him in the world’s top 5 according to Mastery Points.

Of course, even though he plays only one title, the potential market for that narrow niche is still huge. League of Legends it a constantly expanding game and its reach is going from stride to stride as years go by. Here, Neeekoneekoniii has a big chance of finding numerous subscribers and fans who are as passionate about the game as he is. It is enough to check out just one of his gaming streams to see to which levels he applies himself when playing and analyzing the matches. His calm delivery adds a lot to this sense of purposes that the whole stream has about itself, while his Discord server shows he is ready and willing to engage with other gamers and share his clearly impressive knowledge about Neeko and LoL.

Neeekoneekoniii and his Twitch channel should be the definite go-to place for anyone interested in LoL but especially those who want to see a master-level of Neeko gameplay videos and streams.