Twitch Stream Showcase: MrZestyFilms

However you look at it, MrZestyFilms Twitch channel belongs to a gamer who is, I’m betting, just starting his rise to fame. This 21-year-old is coming from Riga, Latvia (which is one of the Baltic state’s biggest hubs for esports, so MrZestyFilm location did not work against him) and he decided to start his stream in 2016. Even before that, he was creating gaming content and posting it on YouTube starting way back in 2013. But, this is only a fraction of the stuff he does - among his other ventures are digital design, animation, game arts, and painting which can be seen on his Instagram profile, but also sports and podcasting. Pretty impressive for a person who is in his early 20’s.

When it comes to his Twitch, he is mostly into CS:GO and Overwatch (which he, by the way, also plays professionally), along with podcast-like broadcasts where he interacts with his subscribers - currently, he’s well on the way to reach 2k of those. Apart from the big esports games I mentioned, MrZestyFilms features streams of horror games like Amnesia: Dark Descent (one of my all-time favorite genre titles) and Minecraft. When it comes to the future, he is determined to make more VR content in the time to come, which is a smart move - I underlined several times in a previous couple of months that virtual reality gaming is currently taking its next big (but quiet) step.

On a purely practical level, I really like the fact that MrZestyFilms Twitch stream comes with a super-developed biography page and many useful panels. These include chat rules, social media links, a detailed streaming setup and schedule, in-game experience counters, and many more things. There is even an FAQ section that explains things like the possibilities of laggy streams. That’s a simple way to see his dedication to his current and future subscribers.

MrZestyFilms seems to me like a game content creator that could one day be an esports superstar with a big brand sponsorship. His Twitch stream and Twitter profile are definitely places where you can get on into the MrZestyFilms world before it really takes off to stardom.