Twitch Stream Showcase: Loganglam__

You won't need too long to figure out that Loganglam__ Twitch stream is about one of the most popular and engaging games of our time - Fortnite. One glance at his channel is enough to show a very precise gaming focus, which is likely the reason why this relatively young Twitch channel already has an impressive following. However, once you dig a bit deeper into the content Loganglam__ makes, you can quickly see precisely why he has almost 400 Twitch users enjoying his content.

Simply put, the man behind this stream is all about the support and fostering of his community. His stream showcases regularly Fortnite gameplay sessions where he plays with his followers, as well as playing with random squads and duos. While this is not that unusual, the thing about Loganglam__ is the way he connects with the people he plays with.

Here, you can see that his outgoing and supportive personality comes to the forefront as he naturally chats with the people he encounters. This normal way of going about these play sessions is really refreshing for me, especially because of the otherwise often forced nature of streaming personalities. For the laid-back Loganglam__ there is no such issue and this makes his content very inclusive for any type of Fortnite player or gamer in general.

If you want to enjoy great Fortnite streams where cool people chat and have fun, Loganglam__ Twitch channel is the place you’re looking for. Give it a look and see that gaming, including super-competitive battle royale games like this one, still can be a place for people to have a great time, either by playing or by watching.