Twitch Stream Showcase: Kreeped

Kreeped is the name of a Twitch channel that belongs to a true gaming veteran. You can be certain that someone started playing games a long time ago when they did not even begin with CDs or DVDs. At the time Kreeped got into gaming, the top tech for digital storage came in the form of thin plastic cards we called floppy disks back then. In his case, the platform of choice back then was Commodore 64 - I can completely relate to this because floppy disks were also the first thing my gaming started with. Only, in my case, the 5 1/4-inch disks did not belong to the C64 “breadbin” but an IBM Personal Computer XT. In both cases, we started in the Jurassic age of gaming and we’re both now in our mid-thirties and still here.

However, Kreeped is not just about the ancient gaming history. Today, his platforms of choice are PC rigs and Xbox consoles where his up-to-date gaming content creation. He is mostly into FPS games but he also enjoys strategies. Currently, his Twitch stream is focused on Battlefield V, which is a currently in its zenith - it's official Twitch page will soon break one million followers.

When it comes to the style of content-making, Kreeped is first and foremost a relaxed streamer, which is always a good thing in today’s (at least for me) overly hyped-up gaming streams and videos. He co-players sound like long-time friends, but he is open to new ones, as his Discord server shows. Also, you can see that he is playing from a space dedicated to gaming - from neon lights and niches for consoles to a StarCraft poster in the background - in other words, Kreeped is not going away from this anytime soon.

All this makes this Twitch channel a mixture of a long-time gaming habit and a willingness to work on your content and for his fans - Kreeped will soon have his own merch and already provides perks to his subscribers. If you’re into FPS, strategies and especially Battlefield V, you should check out Kreeped Twitch stream right now.