Twitch Stream Showcase: KizoVR

In my book, versatility is always a good thing and the more you have it the better. KizoVR is a Twitch streamer and content creator that does not lack versatility by any means but he still made a big decision for 2019. From the start of this year, he is taking on a singular focus: VR gaming. You don’t have to be deep in the gaming industry to know that VR game publishing is undergoing a small and silent golden age - more and more titles for virtual reality devices are coming out and KizoVR is here to give out a guiding hand.

Of course, he is not alone in the VR streaming arena, but the thing that marks him out is his strong previous gaming background. His first streams are three years old, which shows that the man can recognize a winner even before the rest of the crowd. Back then, he enjoyed sharing predominantly FPS titles like Call of Duty Black Ops 3, Tom Clancy's The Division (back then in Beta Mode), Homefront: The Revolution, Doom, Overwatch, and one of my favorites, PUBG. Along with this, he wasn't a stranger to games like Forza Horizon 3 and FIFA16. All this shows to present one simple point - KizoVR is a lifelong gamer.

His streaming style is relaxed and easy-going while he is also committed to maintaining his high standards of content quality and viewer engagement (which is kind of the point of all streaming but often gets pass many ad-hoc streamers). KizoVR also harbors a strong community dedication, getting in touch with his audience, listening to their feedback and acting on it. As his Instagram shows, he is also willing to engage with people in live events, including all major ones in the UK like EGX and Insomnia. It’s always a great sign to see a streamer with almost 4k followers on Twitch being down-to-earth and open to people who share his interest and passion.

However, regardless of his current status, KizoVR is dreaming even bigger (and in VR). Equipped with an HTC Vive, he is already streaming VR games - currently, he’s playing Beat Saber and it seems like a really interesting audio-reaction speed title that shows the power of virtual reality. Further ahead, he plans on reviewing all VR titles he can get his (virtual) hands on, including those requested by his audience. Apart from Twitch, he also plans on reigniting his YouTube channel for the same purpose.

If you find this interesting, do check out KizoVR Twitch stream, Discord server, or follow his Twitter account for any and all updates about his exciting VR journey in 2019 and beyond!