Twitch Stream Showcase: Kingofdragons91

The real name behind this Twitch gaming stream is Nick. As a 27-year-old gamer who’s also finishing school (an MBA), Nick decided some time ago to try out streaming. So far, the results are pretty impressive but they also offer a promise of even better things to come. So far, he managed to gather a growing community, which includes giveaways, a dedicated Discord server and a tight streaming schedule that helps his subscribers get tuned into his gaming action or even join him.

As a streamer, Kingofdragons91 has a really cool&smooth delivery, showing a deep knowledge of the games he plays. Currently, he’s mostly focused on Destiny 2 and Fortnite, but he’s clearly capable of expanding his gaming reach.

However, unlike many others in the gaming community who know a lot, he does not leave even the smallest hint of smugness or arrogance about it. The streams featuring Destiny 2, a very complex game for those ready to invest time and effort into it perfectly showcases this idea. Kingofdragons91 fights on alien planets in complete chaos of science fiction combat, after which he explores new hubs, delves into the meta-game of the character stats, skills and gear, only to travel to a new planet and start over.

Throughout all of this, his voice and composure are always evened out and he's focused on providing the best possible content while still having his mind on the game. This is exceedingly hard (I know the same from first-hand experience) so Kingofdragons91 has the needed chops for a really excellent technical-minded streamer. At the same time, many clips of him playing Fortnite show a really fun and dynamic side which apparently (and in spite of the odds) coexist harmoniously within him.

Because of this, I would love to see him delve into other complex games like Pray or even some of my retro favorites like System Shock 2. All this is reason enough to give Nik’s Kingofdragons91 Twitch stream a chance, while you can also check out his Twitter and Instagram accounts.