Twitch Stream Showcase: IndirectHCS

IndirectHCS is the name of the Twitch gaming channel that is run by Brandon Hackle. The incredible thing about Brandon is the fact that this 26-year-old is also an active member of the United States Navy! In his spare time, he works on his Twitch and YouTube channels. On Twitch alone, his audience has grown to nearly 2k subscribers and even this impressive number is behind 4k subs on YouTube. Currently, IndirectHCS is mostly about a lot of Fortnite action, but also some live streams directly from Brandon’s everyday life. This includes one where Brandon gets a tattoo of Wall-E, so it can’t be said that these streams lack in fun or excitement when compared to his gaming videos.

Learn more about the gaming content Brandon makes check out his IndirectHCS Twitch stream and stay up-to-date with all of this activity on his Twitter account.