Twitch Stream Showcase: calijay

The calijay Twitter stream is a  relatively new channel but anyone can see it hit the ground running. The channel belongs to an active member of the US armed services, more precisely the Marines - he comes from Arizona but he now resides in California, of course until his job takes him traveling the world. Calijay is also a DOJ member and someone who plays with BxRich (52k YouTube subs) and Coastsidezach (36k YouTube subs) - with famous YouTuber gaming content creator as buddies, the fun in the actual streams and clips can't be far behind. 

This is why he is already on his way to his 300th Twitch follower. What helps with his rising popularity is the fact that he plays a range of different games, including PUBG, Fortnite, Anthem and Call of Duty WW2, but also does poker match streams and Q&A with his community. The same group is also gathered around his Discord server and bond to grow in size just like his Twitch following.

If the chance of going with this Marine across the world and playing some awesome games sounds cool, you should check out the calijay Twitch channel and follow his Instagram account for all updates!