Twitch Stream Showcase: Anklebanger

If I would have to choose one term that describes the Anklebanger Twitch stream, it would have to be an “explosion of goofiness”. This streamer is relatively new to the game streaming domain but he seems like a person who will quickly go the distance and attract many new subscribers in no time at all. The single 40-second clip from just one Fortnite match shows much of what Anklebanger is all about - dynamic and fun content sprinkled with some awesome gaming moments (like the very unlikely kill in the mentioned Twitch clip).
But, even though Anklebanger seems very spontaneous and goofy, he is also willing and happy to engage the community. He is and will be playing practically any game with his viewers, which is reason enough onto its own to check out his stream before dozens of people start lining up with their gaming requests. There’s a big benefit in being among the first in a streamer’s growing community and Anklebanger channel is currently right at that very moment.

When it comes to the content featured on this stream, Anklebanger is mostly about League of Legends and battle royale titles, mainly Fortnite and PUBG. It’s cool to see a streamer who is not into the whole tribal thing going on between these two games. Instead, he’s all about high-quality and fun content no matter where it comes from. This is why he is also into a range of open-world games like DayZ, Rust and ARK: Survival Evolved. These are particularly well-suited for his style and approach - as open world titles, they provide him with a lot of room to be in his very best content delivery mode!

Don’t waste a minute more if you dig goofiness and really cool gaming content - check out Anklebanger Twitch stream and become among the first in what will surely become a huge community around the same streamer.