Twitch Stream Showcase: 901H

With so many streamers broadcasting and creating content based around Fortnite, it takes something special to get noticed, but this is the precise thing that the Twitch stream by the name of 901H has. This channel is still in its early days but it has nonetheless managed to gather over 230 followers all thanks to the effort and the approach of his owner Andrew. The man behind this stream is a 27-year-old who works as a Flight Paramedic.

This job is nothing if not demanding and serious (sometimes life and death serious to be precise), but in spite of the fact that Andrew clearly does it well, he is also willing and ready to work on his Twitch channel. He is currently working on short-form clip-making, which include some epic moves (like a flying kill shot for the #1 Victory Royale) but his longer streams are bound to follow.

The thing that sets Andrew apart from other Fortnite streamers, besides his job, is the fact that he is laid back and outgoing, but also loves to interact with other people. This is always a great ability to have in the world of game content creation, being that most of us click well with people who are open to the community. In Andrew’s case, this comes naturally, aided by his readiness to have a good laugh or two.

The openness of 901H stream to its viewers and followers is not only nominal - Andrew works on his stream, but also on the support he provides to his audience. This covers a range of benefits to his subscribers, including access to VODs and chat during subscriber-only mode. He is also running a dedicated Discord server, called - I dig this - The cool kids. Here anyone can join the 901H’s growing community and stay up-to-date with many cool (no pun intended) things going around over there. For those not using Discord, there is also the possibility of following 901H on his Twitter account.

If you enjoy Fortnite and streamers who cover it with a lot of positive energy and an open attitude, it is time you meet your favorite Flight Paramedic content creator at Twitch 901H channel!