Twitch Stream Showcase: BoonDreeze

The thing I love about the rise of the online creative space is the fact that it has allowed practically anyone to do practically anything. Some see a drop in quality as a direct fallout of this fact, but I see the complete opposite - in the cacophony of choices, you are able to do whatever you like and combine it with anything else.

BoonDreeze Twitch stream is a great example and this idea is personified in the man behind it - he is a, among other things, a rapper/songwriter (who is willing to share any original music with his community), teacher, producer, writer and a former active member of the US Navy. He is also engaged in amateur magic and performance comedy, along with martial arts. Just a decade or two ago, this mix might have sounded like something a bit over the top, but when you look at it, it is a great combo for a Twitch stream, thanks to the fact that BoonDreeze is also (and most importantly for this perspective) - a gamer!

But, while he is a man of many talents, his Twitch stream shows a laser-like focus and that focus matter is Fortnite. His streams are dedicated to this massively popular battle royale game, where streams ranging from a couple of minutes to those lasting many hours can be found. BoonDreeze has a very casual style and all streams feature this approach. At the same time, he runs a kid-friendly stream which is very refreshing. All of his content is completely free of any type of toxicity that is becoming such a problem in the gaming community.

However, his commitment to the new generation of gamers goes beyond that. The stream is also dedicated to promoting the BoonSquadGaming esports organization (that can be contacted here) that provides both a safe gaming environment for kids and space for them to grow into potential gaming professionals. Here, his experience as a "Youth Development Professional" and poetry teacher for the Boys and Girls Club of America can come to the forefront. This factor is exceedingly important today where many believe that kids can guide themselves in the video game and the esports domain without anyone’s help.

However, the while this is partially true, there is a huge benefit of having a mentor-like figure in the same process, especially one with such an impressive and versatile background as BoonDreeze. This is why you will be able to find his content on his YouTube channel as well, where he will also venture into gaming, entertainment, and music, similar to his official website. Here, anyone can see a strong background in music, mainly DJing and radio host music curation - this content covers his personal tunes and audio creations that can be heard on the Twitch channel, but also on his SoundCloud account.

If you want to support a healthy gaming space that is open to kids and their development, check out BoonDreeze Twitch channel right now. But, if you also love Fortnite, you just have to take a look at his streams and videos or check out this Twitter account. Who knows, you might be one of the first to get to know a future esports superstar before they hit the big times!