Facebook Gaming Video Creator Showcase: Human’s Odyssey

Aside from coming up with Human’s Odyssey, a really cool name for his Facebook Gaming Video Creator page, the man behind this (whose real name is Pat) has done something I never saw in the streaming sphere before. While playing his games, Pat is also taking calls from his audience. By that, I mean real, actual calls, with a phone number present in the lower part of the stream, similar to a regular radio show host.

At first, this might sound odd, but it’s actually a really smart and interesting idea when you wrap your mind around it. Of course, it helps a lot that Pat does sound like a gruff veteran radio host - besides his deep and smooth voice, he is keen on the whole talk radio approach when he communicates with his callers. This works like a charm when people like a certain Steve call to tell their true-life UFO story from Seguin, TX. This is just one of the little gems of content that you can find on the Human’s Odyssey page and truly unique gaming videos featured there.

I also dig the name and the approach that Pat uses because he was through some rough times in his personal life. With two major and very serious surgeries in less than six months (a brain tumor removal and a vertebrae replacement), no one could really judge him if he decided to stay in bed all of the time. Instead of that, Pat, like the name of his page, continuous forward with his personal human odyssey and there no way not to be both impressed and humbled by it.

Now, he is focused on getting his life back together and using the income from the page to help him do that. I’m, like many others, including his callers, really rooting for him. Pat will soon enter the Facebook Level Up program, which should help him with the financial side of things, or at least get the ball rolling.

Right now, Humans Odyssey features games like Tom Clancy's The Division and Dragon Ball FighterZ, but there will be others to come for sure. If you find this at least a little bit interesting, check out Pat at his official Facebook Game Creator Page and send a few of those Facebook Stars his way once he gets into the Level Up program. But more than that, tune into his streams and maybe even share your own story with the same cool guy!