EradicationX Private Server RPG

The first thing you mention about EradicationX is a really cool name, worthy of a 1990s industrial metal band. But, it's not a band but an online Player vs Monster (PvM) role-playing game. This private server offers a range of cool features that will be both appealing and recognizable to all RPG and MMORPG players. In the game, the players are able to take on powerful monsters and bosses in the world of Eradication.

These encounters can include boss pets, private boss characters and an overall environment that provides a great combination of challenge and satisfying gameplay. At the same time, the players will be able to find mighty loot drops that contain weapons, and armor, along with a leveling system with skills that go up to 400 mp XP points.

However, EradicationX is not only about PvM but also provides access to PvP gameplay mechanic and even in-server mini-games that the players can enjoy. All of this points towards a very engaging and dedicated gaming environment - a group of talented developers working on EradicationX shows that the same will stay true in the time to come.

But, if you are looking for one reason to try out EradicationX it should be the game's community. The players get access to a versatile ecosystem of more than 80 regular players (all of which are eager to help new arrivals), an active forum and a constantly available support team. The game even runs its own dedicated Discord server that is in the service of the community.

If you like the concept of private server RPG games EradicationX is the game you should not miss out on.