Dots Blob: Connecting Dots & Matching Spots Puzzle Review

Simplicity is one of the crucial elements of good game design and Dots Blob: Connecting Dots & Matching Spots Puzzle definitely has this factor on its side. This match puzzle game looks, feels and works great as a tool created for one purpose - making the time go by faster for those who play it. As the tag line of the game says “Play the Boredom away with this Free Match Game” so does the entire Android release provide a really effective setup. The same setup is a fun and interesting game that is easy to learn, but still demands a bit of time to master.

Essentially, the game sets up a grid of dots which need to be connected using their colors, but also a sum number they all add up to once connected. This makes the game a hybrid of a simple math puzzle and a visual match 3 titles. Later on, the players get access to power-ups and boosters, but the basic game design stays the same and stays fresh throughout play sessions.

Created by PAUK, the game is available for free on Google Play where anyone can try it out right now and see its main catch - it is an elegant and engaging puzzle game. Aside from that, it offers a range of cool features. Firstly, its clear and clean design of its user interface makes it a very intuitive experience. Its addictive gameplay can be learned in a minute and will be enjoyed by adults and kids alike. The game includes a map of individual challenges which the players go through as they advance through the levels.

From an audio-visual standpoint, the game provides everything a laid-back release like Dots Blob would ask for. It provides colorful themes and a great basic graphic design. In the game, the players can even change the colors of the dots, allowing color-blind users to enjoy the game fully. The audio element is unobtrusive but equally good.

Finally, the PAUK developers made sure the game also has a practical advantage - it can be played in an offline mode and it comes as a lightweight app, meaning that it will work great on even older Android devices.


Dots Blob: Connecting Dots & Matching Spots Puzzle is a simple game, but one that offers hours of fun for all fans of match 3 and minimalist games. Try it out for free right here!