A Year on Twitch - Detailed Experience of an Up-and-Coming Streamer

I’m fascinated by the Twitch ecosystem and the way people approach it from so many different angles. The thing that’s especially interesting to me are those part-time streamers who want to work diligently on making their channel work and build their community. This way, they’re building a venture that is something between a side gig and a project of passion, but at the same time, they're giving it their best shot.

Recently, a streamer took to r/Entrepreneur to explain in detail his process of setting up a Twitch account and starting to stream. The post is a fascinating read that really delves deep into the domain of something I would call Twitch entrepreneurial ventures. From the visual design to the business and financial side of it and all the way to community building, you can read about this streamer's journey and the future in front of him. The post is very comprehensive and includes a range of data sets that explain in numbers the process he went through in the previous 12 months.

The name of the channel is Latapoxy so check it out but be sure to check out the same Reddit topic as well. If you’re thinking about starting to stream or do gaming content, this should be see as something of a small case study that will prove to be more than useful.