Twitch Stream Showcase: AdamRhyne

If there’s a single idea that defines what Adam Rhyne Twitch channel is all about, it’s the Chronicles of Elyria. Now, don’t be surprised if you’re not sure if you ever heard about this game - you will hear plenty about it soon and likely not forget it once you check out this streamer. Basically, Chronicles of Elyria is an MMORPG that is defining itself as a MEOW or a Multiplayer Evolving Online World. 

During its long development period, its creators Soulbound Studios were and still are focused on making an actual living and breathing low fantasy universe. The game will run a sandbox system that would provide its dynamic world, set in the fantasy middle ages completed with an economy, classes and practically everything else. Also, it will be nothing like pay-to-win F2P gaming models that are so prevalent currently.

The game features an incredibly strong community - out of the $5 million that it attained through its crowdfunding campaign, Adam provided an incredible sum of $40,000. The wider community called The Kingdom of Vornair which Adam is a part provided an estimated $800,000. These sums of money might sound insane, but they just showcase the level of commitment that this Twitch streamer and others like him feel about the game.

Because of this, Adam mostly streams Q&A sessions with his gaming community that now numbers over 2500 members. Sometimes the sessions are inside of Let’s Play videos of games like StarCraft II, while at other times he focuses only on the discussions he has with viewers and fans. In any case, they are packed with info and a sense of passion for a release that might end up being a genre-changing gaming title.

As a fantasy man myself, I can’t be anything but fascinated by the sheer power of the community that the Chronicles of Elyria has been blessed with. In theory, the game's setup vaguely sounds like Elder Scrolls or something similar, but that is just the first impression. Even if you have no idea what the game is about, it is enough to check out just one Q&A stream and see the depth, attention to detail and overall immersiveness that the game will offer. This particular community is diverse in its communication channels, so there is a dedicated discord channel for the game here, as well as one for the Vornair Gaming Community.

There’s a good chance that the Chronicles of Elyria could change the world of fantasy RPG on a level of World of Warcraft or even go beyond that. Adam Rhyne Twitch channel is, without any doubt, the ideal place to find out more about the game and possibly join the ranks of its fans, so be sure to check it out right now!