Twitch Stream Showcase: Doctor_Dank_PC

I’m sure that I’m not the only one in the gaming community who thinks that VR is great, but at the same time, I can’t really get a good bearing on it. A few years back, full games in virtual reality were few and far between. Today, things changed drastically and there are many releases ranging in themes, quality and immersiveness. Figuring out which is which is, however, still super-hard and that’s why we need streamers just like Doctor_Dank_PC. This content creator is a godsend for anyone who wants to get into serious VR gaming and his Twitch stream is the ideal destination for this purpose.

There you can check his awesome VR gaming streams which so far cover games Contractors (competitive shooter), Blade & Sorcery (fantasy sandbox sim) and War Dust (multiplayer shooter). These titles are diverse in their settings and even gameplay mechanics, but they are all solid games in virtual reality. When playing each of them, Doctor_Dank_PC goes out of his ways to explore all of their relevant aspects for his audience.

What is really impressive is the fact that he tries to present the experience to those who never tried the games, supported by his cool and outgoing personality that is just awesome to watch. On the other hand, even VR veterans will easily enjoy his content, recognizing another one of their own. All of this allows his Twitch streams to be very informative and descriptive, but without feeling forced.

But, my final argument to anyone thinking about checking out Doctor_Dank_PC is his sheer level of commitment to VR gaming. As you can see in streams and videos, he has made a special gaming VR room where the headset is tethered to the ceiling and thus allows for a full range of motion, without the risk of getting unplugged or entangled. This shows more than anything else that this streamer is serious and dedicated to VR streaming.

If you are interested in any element of virtual reality gaming, you should definitely subscribe to Doctor_Dank_PC Twitch stream right now!